Who’s the boss?

Sometimes, I think I should start a separate special blog just to relate my boss’ shenanigans. A character, I tell you. But not a very interesting one. An annoying one. You know that co-passenger in the train who just keeps talking, refusing to shut up, letting everyone know that they know everything and everybody else is a fool? Now, multiply that annoyance you feel 10 times and you get my boss.

Yeah. I am not kidding.

Anyway, more about her later. For now, the new Potter book/script is out and I still don’t have a copy. Why, you ask? Well, my Amazon account allowed me to buy only two copies and the sis’ and cousin’s birthdays are approaching. Both are Potter fans, so I ordered two copies for them.

Hopefully, it should reach them by tomorrow/day after.

I have been watching the televised version of Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories made by Anurag Basu for Epic TV. Quite a man, that guy. I wish I could write half as well as him. Technology has made us so lazy that I don’t even feel like picking up a pen anymore. Why, I think, if I can type? It’s so much faster.

I have been wanting to fix something for a very very very long time now. I think, if that is fixed, many issues will get sorted. But somehow or the other, it doesn’t get fixed. Is this not the right time? Or something else the matter? I don’t know. I feel extremely frustated at times.

For me, this holds the key to happiness. And for that and that alone, I need to work at it harder and stronger than ever before.