Twilight zone


My first initiation to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series was in my early 20s when a young female cousin was ODing on the books. Always a fantasy-lover—and a big fan of Enid Blyton, Harry Potter and the likes—I was excited enough to give it a go as well. I borrowed the first book from the said cousin and began reading.

Soon, I realised how senseless the euphoria around the series was. Somehow, I kept comparing the material to Potter and, needless to say, it fell short on all counts. It lacked, what’s that word again? Aah, magic! It lacked magic. Though I managed to finish the book, I could never warm up to the series. My biggest grouch with the book at that time was people wasted too much time “just talking”. I wanted thrilling action ala Potter.

A couple of days ago, thanks to Netflix, I did a marathon watching of the film series. Decidedly better than the book—in my humble opinion—the films would still not make me go, “Yay, once again.” However, there are a few things that I noticed about the central character, Isabella Swan, mostly called Bella in the books and films. I am listing my grouches—is that the correct usage?—here point-wise:

1. I read somewhere that Kristen Stewart who plays Bella won quite a few awards for her performances in other films before she starred in Twilight. So that would mean she is a decent/good actor, right? Well, pardon my knowledge of what good acting is all about, but based on my watching of the Twilight series, I really don’t think she is a good actor. That woman can’t friggin’ emote. In most scenes, she is frowning, grimacing, looking frozen to death or just looking plain dumbfounded. I understand maybe the script required her to look totally lost having fallen under the spell of a vampire and his world that she doesn’t get, but a girl who is marrying the “love of her life” usually looks happy on her wedding day. Here, she was again frowning, grimacing, looking frozen to death or just plain dumbfounded. Who gave here the role really?

2. The character of Bella is deeply, deeply self-centred. She is only using people—read poor Jacob—and situations to her advantage. When Jacob is about to leave the group protecting her from other vampires, she lures the poor guy by making him kiss her—her BF is standing just a few feet away! When she is feeling cold in the tent, she happily snuggles up to Jacob again, this time within touching distance of her BF. All without a word of thanks to Jacob by the way. And when the poor guy says he loves her—of course, he would when you are kissing and cuddling with him as if there’s no tomorrow—you tell him that you love Edward more. What does that even mean? Basically, you are ensuring that he remains your devoted slave by dangling the “I love you, but I love him more” carrot in front of him, making him hope that maybe one day you will love him more. Shameful behaviour.

3. Why are so many handsome young men willing to die for her? What is it in Bella that they see? She isn’t very beautiful—I am not a looker myself, but I can have an opinion, right? She can’t make scintillating conversation. She isn’t good with people or kids or animals. She isn’t kind, sensitive, sweet or thoughtful. So what is it? Aah, I get it: its her frowning, grimacing, looking frozen to death or just plain dumbfounded. That’s it!

4. The over-riding feeling that I got from a reading of her character is that she is just a young adult/teenager dying for some M&B-isque romance, sex and love. The whole series seems like her personal wet dream. Drop-dead gorgeous guys falling over themselves to be with her. Willing to die for her. People turning their lives upside down for her sake. Worshipping her and putting her on a pedestal. I think this series was Meyer’s personal unfulfilled wet dream as well.

I am very open to reading reverse opinions as well. So in case you have any, please feel free to air them 🙂


Today, tomorrow, yesterday

A few days back, I had an epiphany. We are all struggling with ‘today’, its worries and anxieties and pains. But the moment that ‘today’ becomes ‘yesterday’, replaced by another ‘today’, the original ‘today’ doesn’t seem half as horrid as the new one.

Am I making sense?

Well, in case you are actually getting what I am trying to say you will get the import of my words. Even if I just talk about myself, around 3-4 years back, I thought that I was stuck in a rut. Nothing was going right, I was in pain and struggling to get by. When I look back, I realise that compared to the anxieties and worries and struggles of today, that was a cakewalk.

Somehow, I think, five years from now, this phase would seem like a cakewalk.

The bottomline is this: Live and laugh. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Worrying about it won’t make it stop. It would only mean you miss out on that stunning sunshine, the calming rain, the unguarded laughter and the spring in your step.


As right as rain 

It last happened more than three years ago. And then it happened today. In case you are thinking I am talking about my sex life, errrrr, the less said about it the better. 

I am talking about my getting wet in the rain today. Voluntarily. It started raining in the afternoon and I don’t know what happened but I just found myself flinging my phone down (after taking a Boomerang video for Instagram of course) and skipping down the steps from our first floor rented apartment to get drenched in the rain. 

I stood there for more than 10 minutes and let the rain wash away the stress and fatigue from my body. 

The last time it happened I had company. My little baby niece for whom it was the first time and she just couldn’t have enough of it. She wanted to keep jumping in the puddles and keep splashing water on all of us.

Today however I was alone. Thankfully, since it was raining quite heavily, there was no one around to watch me…. unless they were enjoying the show from behind their windows 😉

But who cares? The draught has ended and that’s all I care about 😃

Who’s this girl?

​So the hurdle has been cleared and the About Me section has been filled. Here’s a copy 😃….

As a child growing up, I was deeply enthralled by the concept of magic lands, fairies, fantasy worlds, brownies, pixies, flying chairs, faraway trees and the likes. In fact, if I was given the chance to either inhabit the world of Mowgli (of Jungle Bookfame) or that of Alice (of Wonderland fame), I would, with no doubt in my head, pick the universe created by Lewis Carroll over Rudyard Kipling. That doesn’t mean that I think Carroll betters Kipling in any respect. Both were exemplary writers, drawing readers of all ages into the beautiful make-believe worlds they created.

My preference is just based on one fact: as a child, I could much more emphathise with Alice than Mowgli. Alice was shy, hesitant, unsure, curious, bewildered, but always very polite—all the things I was as a child and maybe still am, except maybe for the polite part! Mowgli, on the other hand, was confident, daring, enterprising, witty and very, very cheeky—all qualities I lacked as a child and maybe still do.

And then as with all magical things, the effect of the spell got over and I was thrust face-first into the real world. Adulthood didn’t give me the chance or space to channel my inner Alice. It expected me to be Mowgli. Needless to say, I failed. But pretty soon, I found a way to “fit in”. I realised that I could fool anybody by faking it. So I put on this facade of being “adult” accompanied by its differentiators: I became street-smart, witty, enterprising and confident. Soon enough, I had the world eating out of my hands. Or on a more serious note, let’s just say I wasn’t the odd man out any more. Hurrah!

But inside and with people who loved me I was Alice, not Mowgli.

The whole point of this very, very interesting story is that now you, my dear reader, have the privilege of knowing both the Alice and Mowgli in me through this space. Let me assure you, it’s a huge honour. So revel in it and do drop by. Please 😃

A beginning 

I just started this new blog. No, that’s not right. I already had one. But the fact that a select few people were privy to the real identity (mine) behind that blog, I could never bring myself to write things I really wanted to there. 

So what did I do? Like any other logical person, I created a new anonymous blog (this) and then imported my old blog writings on this page. Whew! I feel like a spy. 

Nevertheless the blog was set up and we were ready to fire but I again I couldn’t bring myself to inaugurate this nice new shiny hideout of mine. Why, you ask? Well I wanted to first decide on my blog design theme, the header picture and then write something in the About Me section. Yes, I have OCD about things like these and more (much much more). 

Anyway, I finally decided to just go ahead and write something. Anything. And here I am. My first blog post on my new blog. 

Now that this hurdle is cleared, let’s hope I clear another and fill up the About Me form as well.